Catch the fraud, the smart way


Banksealer monitors accesses, logs, transactions and other relevant data, in real-time and offline, assigning a risk-score for each activity. Our ranking combines three behavioural profiles: user, system and temporal to ensure the most accurate profiling.

user behaviour

Banksealer is the result of a Ph.D research at Politecnico di Milano. Our algorithms use the most advanced machine learning techniques to indicate anomalous behaviours for each banking user with clearly readable explanations.

pluggable and adaptable

There's no need to dismiss any existing system: Banksealer can be installed easily either as a stand alone application or as a plug-in tool, reinforcing existing antifraud programs and reducing the number of false positives.

Intelligent core

Thanks to academic research, our software creates the behavioural schema of each user and reports activities appearing significantly different from his standard profile. This is clearly more performing than using only static rules that need to be manually tuned!


It doesn’t matter what type of activity needs specific analysis: bank transfers (performed even in mobile banking), phone recharges, cards monitoring, micro-payments or even only logins; our system is able to catch any suspicious behaviour, in real-time and offline.

Fraud detection made easy

Banksealer promptly detects suspicious activities, improves prediction of potential frauds and helps financial institutions to ensure higher security for their customers together with better internal efficiency.

Decision-making support

Transactions are automatically listed according to their risk score. Elements appearing suspicious compared to user’s standard behaviour are clearly indicated by the system.



Set up your bank’s acceptable risk level and your strategy for anomalous transactions (strong authentication, quarantine etc.) and have Banksealer as your most brilliant colleague within a high quality antifraud policy.



The software is composed by several micro-services operating on a database: easy architecture, open formats, well defined APIs, simple to install on every online banking infrastructure.


PSD2 Compliance

Be PSD2 compliant! Banksealer is able not only to monitor your customers' transactions but also to provide clear reports, fraud rates and their incidence on the total transactions amount.



Banksealer can be set up either as a stand-alone application or a plug-in tool for any existing anti-fraud system. User experience can be easily customized thanks to adaptive dashboards and add-on modules.



No specific effort, training or activity is required, Banksealer is simple, clear and quickly usable by every Analyst: we work not for time consuming but for time saving!


Search and stats

Banksealer can also provide metrics and statistics to monitor activities and trends and a module to search through the system in order to find specific transactions with similar parameters.

multiple layers to protect your customers

Banksealer is not “threat-specific”. We created an extremely performing combination between static rules and user behaviour, allowing Banksealer to reach up to 90% of fraud detection capability (based on advanced fraud scenarios).

boost your security and efficiency

The perfect matching of static rules with a behavioural engine will strongly increase your performances against frauds and reduce false positives. No more long and time wasting manual rules creation: Banksealer facilitates creation of new rules according to the relevant scoring of each transaction.

Simple integration

No need to modify existing security systems. Just let them work better thanks to Banksealer’s integration modules, optimizing investment and getting concrete benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Higher security

Cyber security for banks is not only a matter of securing accesses: all users’ activities should be monitored in real-time and offline, to concretely reduce the risk of frauds and comply to European regulations.

Banksealer is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano.
Our team is composed by Researchers, Software Engineers, experts in Cyber Security and Software Architects.

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